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Explore Africa

Everything You Need to Know for Your Best Africa Adventure

Are you Eligible?

All Birthright AFRICA scholars must be

  • Between the ages of 13 – 30
  • of Black/African descent
  • a U.S. citizen
  • Have not traveled to an African nation after the age of 12
  • Follow @birthrightafrica on Instagram

Birthright AFRICA Alumni Stories

100% of Birthright AFRICA Scholars shared that their Birthright trip was life-changing and that they plan to visit the African continent again. Check out a few stories below.

2022 Black Highway Birthright Alum, Joye Pate

I always knew I wanted Africa to be the first continent I explored outside of North America. Being from New Orleans, I was always surrounded by popular Black diasporic culture. Although it filled me up, I still wondered about the origins of traditions and cultures of Black people in New Orleans.

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2018 CUNY Birthright Alum, Shaina Louis

“My Birthright experience freed my mind and made me realize that the possibilities for me are truly limitless; that the strife of my forebears shouldn’t be and isn’t in vain because here I am today, a living representation of them. Part of the work that Birthright has its scholars undergo is envisioning their own legacy

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Young Black Man Smiling

2019 GrowHouse Birthright Alum, Nathaniel Page

As a first-generation college student coming from immigrant parents, I feel blessed to know that my prayers were answered when I received the birthright travel experience outside of the classroom. I come from a humble beginning living in a single parent household and I feel lucky to have been chosen by Education Partner GrowHouse NYC.

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2018 CUNY Birthright Alum, Akeem Frett

2018 CUNY Birthright Alum, Akeem Frett Having the chance to explore my cultural roots and legacy of innovation within NYC, DC, and Ghana was life-changing! Growing up in a multigenerational family in the Bronx, my family instilled me with values like a need for honest introspection, the value of education, and a drive for excellence.

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