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How to Participate in Birthright AFRICA

You’ve heard how amazing the African continent truly is, and you feel called to see it for yourself. To begin the Birthright journey,

STEP 1: Determine your eligibility 

All Birthright AFRICA scholars must be 

  • Between the ages of 13 – 30
  • of Black/African descent
  • a U.S. citizen 
  • Have not traveled to an African nation after the age of 12
  • Follow @birthrightafrica on Instagram

STEP 2: Register to become a Birthright Virtual Scholar 

Complete the Birthright AFRICA Scholar Registration form here. Once you have completed your registration, you are officially a part of the Birthright AFRICA database. 

STEP 3: Stay connected 

As a Birthright AFRICA Virtual scholar, you will learn and participate in virtual programming by Birthright AFRICA & other Program Partners to explore virtually. Take a virtual tour of Cape Coast Castle & Dungeons in Ghana. Watch inspiring discussions featuring global leaders from the African Diaspora on Tastemakers Africa’s ‘The Thread’ Panel Series. Participate in Instagram takeovers that explore cultural sites in your hometown. Or share your family story exploration with Birthright peers on the African continent. For more information on virtual programming, check out our calendar

STEP 4: Wait for your referral

Once you’ve registered as a Birthright AFRICA Virtual Scholar, are part of our database, and have participated in virtual programming (see STEP 3), all you have to do is simply wait to receive a referral by Birthright AFRICA to an Education Partner to apply to a Birthright Program. An Education Partners is a high school, college, or community-based organization that has partnered with Birthright AFRICA to create amazing local, national, and global experiences for all Birthright AFRICA scholars. Education Partners will review all scholar applications and select Birthright Scholars for their Birthright Programs based on phone or in-person interviews.  

STEP 5: Get ready!

Once you have been officially accepted by an Education Partner into a Birthright AFRICA program, you can expect to be fully immersed in the Birthright AFRICA experience. Please note due to COVID-19 travel measures, Birthright AFRICA travel programs are currently suspended and will resume once travel bans are lifted and it is deemed safe for scholars to travel internationally. 

Still have questions? See our FAQ page.

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