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What to Expect from a Birthright AFRICA program

You may have loads of questions about what to expect on a Birthright AFRICA trip. Not to fear–we’re sharing some details below to give you an idea of what you may experience on your journey.

How long is a Birthright AFRICA trip? 

The global trip to a nation in Africa is typically 10 days. Prior to traveling abroad, the Birthright Program includes a 2-3 day trip to a nearby national city as well as 3 – 5 days of exploration locally. For example, if you are located in New York City, you may visit the African Burial Grounds in Lower Manhattan, then take a trip down to Washington, D.C. to visit the National Museum of African American History and Culture, followed by a trip to Ghana. 

Who will I be traveling with? 

Your travel group will consist of 10-16 Birthright AFRICA scholars from within your Education Partner’s program cohort. The group will be led by Facilitators (5:1 ratio with scholars). For example, a group of 10 scholars will travel with 2 Facilitators. Once you reach your Birthright destination, you will be met by a host of local partners who will aid in ensuring your experience is authentic and memorable. 

What’s on a typical itinerary?

Every Birthright AFRICA trip is unique. Each Education Partner works closely with Birthright AFRICA to create an unforgettable experience for scholars. Programming takes place across the US and key destinations on the African continent, including Ghana and South Africa. A local itinerary may include a weekly visit to a different cultural site from The Studio Museum in Harlem followed by lunch at the world famous Melba’s restaurant. In Washington, D.C. you may see a performance at the National Black Theater, then indulge in street food at the Afro-Latino Festival. In Ghana, you’ll spend the week exploring the legacy of the nation’s first president at Kwame Nkrumah National Park, sunbathing on Labadi Beach, shopping local wares at Art Center Market, walking in the footsteps of ancestors through the Door of No Return at Cape Coast Castle & Dungeon, and networking at the Tech Innovation Panel at Impact HUB Accra. Again, no two trips are alike, but what is certain is that you won’t leave the same. 

What is included in the Birthright AFRICA trip? 

Thanks to our collaborative model and the generosity of our donors & sponsors, Birthright AFRICA is able to provide scholars with free Birthright trips. This covers airfare, accommodations, transportation, meals, and admission fees. Scholars will need to obtain passports, as well as all necessary vaccinations and travel clearances. We ask that scholars bring money to purchase additional meals and souvenirs. 

This all sounds great, but how does the Birthright AFRICA Experience actually look? 

We get it. There’s so much to unpack that you want to know how it actually looks and feels to be a Birthright AFRICA Scholar. Well rest assured, the Birthright AFRICA experience is life-changing. Please see our powerful 2017 Program Recap Video for a better understanding of the Birthright AFRICA vision, mission, and programmatic approach. 

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