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Our Story

A life-changing free trip to
Africa and so much more

Walla’s Story

As a young Black woman in New York City with immigrant parents from Sudan, Walla felt a growing disconnection from her African heritage. Growing up primarily in the U.S., she realized that her understanding of Black history and the African legacy was limited. Through several pivotal conversations with friends, Walla began to delve deeper into the roots of Black people globally and discovered the concept of birthright – a free trip to study one’s own history and culture.

Diallo’s Story

Hearing the stories of family members fighting for freedom, including great-grandparents who were Garveyites, Diallo’s desire to learn more about his culture was ignited. His first time going to Africa as a young man was enriching. After hearing about a place his whole life, it felt like a true homecoming.

Pictured: (left to right) Walla Elsheikh and Diallo Shabazz, Co-Founders of Birthright AFRICA

Inspired by the idea of connecting young Black people to their roots, Walla and Diallo envisioned Birthright AFRICA. An organization that would not only bridge the gap for them but for countless others who felt disconnected from their heritage. The goal is clear: a commitment to provide life-changing free trips that start with exploration of Black/African culture and innovation in the U.S. and culminate in an African nation. Formed as a collaborative ecosystem, Birthright AFRICA is transforming the lives of youth and young adults of African descent to be proud and confident, building a lasting connection to the African legacy and its innovative future.