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Travel programs are resuming. Birthright AFRICA is working with current and new Education Partners to build out travel programs for Birthright AFRICA Scholars to be referred to in order to apply.

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The Black Highway Birthright Cohort 2022

The Black Highway Birthright Cohort

Birthright AFRICA is conducting a nationwide search for Scholars (AGE 21+) to join Jidenna in Ghana!

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In order to be referred, you must be a Registered Scholar with a Guzo account.
Registered Scholars must also start the Pre-Travel Virtual Program in order to be referred to an Education Partner for travel.

The Pre-Travel Virtual Program consists of Birthright virtual events, self-driven virtual exploration and opportunities to connect with Registered Scholars across the diaspora. Kickstart your exploration of Black/African culture & innovation in order to be referred to travel with a Birthright program through one of our Education Partners.

Registered Scholars will receive instructions from their Education Partner on how to create and submit a virtual portfolio in order to apply for travel.  Pre-Travel Virtual Explorations can be used as virtual portfolio submissions in the application for travel.

The Black Highway Birthright cohort will travel in July 2022 to Ghana, West Africa. For this cohort, Registered Scholars must be between the ages of 21 – 30. In addition, all participants must be fully vaccinated. Please see all other eligibility and registration requirements. Registered Scholars must also start the Pre-Travel Virtual Program

Applications will be accepted starting March 1, 2022. Registered Scholars who meet the eligibility criteria for The Black Highway Birthright cohort will receive the application from the Education Partner - The Black Highway team directly through Guzo.

I am committed now more to myself than I have ever been….. After the trip, I am more affirmed that all things were possible with hard work and dedication.

Tredesha Howard

2017 CUNY Birthright Alumna

I have learned to love myself more as an African American and to take pride in where I come from. I will implement what I have learned from the Birthright AFRICA program into my career goals by using the confidence to speak up, seek help, and aspire to do and say what I dream of doing.

Mikel Haye

2018 CUNY Birthright Alumni

Growing up I was definitely very proud of my African roots but I think the Birthright AFRICA program has certainly played a major role in enhancing that awareness. I am now entertaining the idea of moving to the continent once I graduate college.

Peteso Barlee

2018 CUNY Birthright Alumna

I have far more pride in my African heritage.

Elijah Mogoli

2019 GrowHouse Birthright Alumni

I loved the weather, the natural foods, the people, the fashion--it was beautiful. I have also had my views on returning to Africa demystified. Africa has awakened in me. My sense of belonging somewhere is real and has been realized.

Shanell Naylor

2019 GrowHouse Birthright Alumna

What I discovered about myself is all I wanted was to find my place amongst Africa. As an African-American we are convinced there is no place of belonging or welcome, and worst, that no one is interested. I didn't know the depth of my longing to be among my people, and how sick America can make you without such ties to your Homeland.

Christyn Harris-Harrell

2019 Urban Sankofa Project Birthright Alumna

I want to play a significant role in the development and unification of the continent. After seeing and experiencing what I did, a new sense of purpose developed within me. I now have a specific cause to dedicate my efforts to on a grand scale.

Kareem Williams

2019 GrowHouse Birthright Alumni

I love Africa, more than I ever thought I would.

Anthony Castro

2019 Urban Sankofa Project Birthright Alumni