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2017 CUNY Birthright Alum, Tredesha Howard

Being born and raised in Barbados, I never realized how rich and strong the African American story is including the untold stories of business owners and executives of African descent in the U.S and in African countries.  The support of people like you allowed me to journey into not only History but myself. Ghana felt like home. The people were friendly and welcoming; there was great food and vendors. To be able to see the dungeons that enslaved Africans one day and then meet Ghanaian leaders like Lucy Quist the next day were both equally important to the personal shift I experienced on this journey. On my return home, I came back to the U.S. still processing what I’d been through. Because of Birthright AFRICA and your continued support, I learned the importance of putting myself out there and building a strong network to confidently build my finance career in the US and globally.

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